A life changing retreat for couples.

Bring back the loving connection.

Over two and a half days we assist you to identify and move through any blocks you have to making your relationship the best it can be.

You will be given an experience never to forget. This retreat will help you learn to let go of any emotional baggage and behavioural patterns to reach into a deeper, richer, pool of a loving, committed connection together.

This weekend enables improved relationships to flourish everywhere, including with exes, the boss, your staff, the in-laws, your children…

The event is experience based and as deep and engaging as you will allow. You will come away achieving what you have come for (and hopefully a lot more than expected!)

Learning in a retreat format brings great perspective – you will see that you are not alone in your problems, and that there are many ways of finding flexible working solutions, while coming from the heart.

Each retreat is completely different, based on which subjects the participants would like to bring up, and as experienced facilitators we are able to work with any dynamic.

The most usual topics which come up are children, blended families, sex, money, work/life balance, intimacy, commitment, and expectations.

You will leave the retreat learning how to make or break a relationship successfully (better to love your ex than hate them – ask any child in a blended family!) Sometimes couples come to find a way to separate amicably.

We accept a maximum of four couples per weekend, for an intimate experience.

Privacy and anonymity is guaranteed.

If you would like to attend an exclusive weekend with just yourselves in attendance, please contact us for prices and availability.

For timeframes, dates and inclusions, click here.

 “After being separated for 12 months we attended the couples retreat to improve our parenting relationship for the sake of our two beautiful children. I am completely blown away that we have found the love again and feel confident that we will move forward to create a joyful life all together as a family…wow!”                                                                                                                        Karen, March 2014.